HarmonyOS 3.0.0 Developer Preview

HarmonyOS 3.0 Release


An upgrade to the API version 8, together with an addition of around 2800 APIs, brings across-the-board optimizations, covering distributed, phone, network, media, and security. The ample JavaScript APIs make it much easier to develop a well-rounded application. Also, with the W3C canvas standard interfaces and the eTS/H5/C++ hybrid development capability, ArkUI is now more helpful for developing complex applications, such as gaming, media, and browser applications.

Milestone Planning

Version Types

Getting Started

1. Obtaining the 3.0 SDK

Download or update the HarmonyOS SDK through DevEco Studio's SDK Manager, or manage the HarmonyOS SDK through Command Line Tools.

2. Obtaining the 3.0 Emulator

Make full use of the simulation capability for numerous single device categories and the Super Device. Bid farewell to the hassle caused by a lack of devices and complex network configuration.