HarmonyOS 3.0.0 Developer Preview

API Version 7

Thanks to HarmonyOS 3.0 API Version 7, there are now more APIs than ever at your disposal, including those for ArkUI, program framework, telephony, media, and much more. Combined with ArkUI, a declarative UI development paradigm, you'll be able to develop installation-free applications and services that better meet consumer needs, with one-time development for multi-device deployment.


ArkUI is a declarative UI development framework for building HarmonyOS application UIs.


ArkCompiler is a unified programming platform developed by Huawei. Its key components include a compiler, toolchain, and runtime. By leveraging ArkCompiler, you'll be able to compile and run high-level programming languages on the multi-chip platform, and create applications and services that can run on a wide range of different devices, from phones and laptops, to tablets, TVs and wearables.